SONIMA checks the accuracy of your parts and assemblies using a wide range of measuring techniques.

We have an air-conditioned, plumbed measuring room with an integrated ZEISS Contura G2 3D measuring machine. The range of services extends from tactile to scanning measurement for:

It is also possible to simulate these with CAD data and thus measure the height of the contour points as well as the course of complex components, such as turbine housings, and carry out a target/actual comparison.

In addition to this future-oriented measuring technology, we offer a 2D profile projector, which records the above-mentioned data for e.g. threads by optical measurement. In addition, SONIMA has the possibility to carry out the penetration measurement of welds.

Our trained staff will also be happy to take over the measurement using outside micrometers or inside micrometers.

We are happy to implement new measurement techniques into our process for you.

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