SONIMA guarantees you an excellent quality level from manual small series to automatic screw assembly.

Screw assembly is an important part of many assembly processes. In this area we offer you:

Our systems are torque and rotation angle monitored, so that error-free repetition is guaranteed even with several hundred thousand screwdriving operations.a The screws can be aligned and automatically fed via vibratory feeders. Die Schrauben können ausgerichtet und über Vibrationsförderer automatisch zugeführt werden.

Our fixtures are interlocked and monitored with sensors and cameras, which means that the parts are only released after all requirements have been met. Parallel to this, the intelligent system technology can control the screwing sequence and screwing depth.

The supplementary spot checks carried out by our qualified employees verify the loose torque or the continued torque and guarantee the process reliability of our bolting operations.

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