SONIMA takes care of order picking and repacking for your quality products in a demand-oriented and resource-saving way. We offer you:

Your goods are packed by us piece by piece in the reusable containers provided for this purpose. Thanks to our end-to-end processes, package information can be traced seamlessly back to goods receipt.

With our own packaging pool, we are able to act flexibly and according to your requirements. Alternatively, we can manage and schedule your provided packaging accordingly.

If you do not yet have an optimal packaging concept for your goods, we will be happy to develop one for you. The protection of the goods as well as the maximum utilisation of space are always in the foreground. This saves valuable space and reduces logistics costs.

As an environmentally friendly company, we repair and clean reusable packaging. In addition, disposable packaging is sent for further recycling. The focus here is on recycling as the preferred recovery method.

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