Thanks to our flexible storage structure, we can decide between high-bay or block storage depending on the batch and thus always find the optimal solution for your products. The focus is on optimising costs, routes and time:

With a state-of-the-art scanner system, our warehouse management system ensures package-precise storage processes, 100% compliance with FIFO and easy traceability of every package.

In order to guarantee our customers a smooth supply of materials, we also work with bonded and consignment warehouse areas, which enables cost-optimised and needs-based storage and retrieval of products. The book inventory thus remains at the lowest possible level.

According to customer requirements, the packages are labelled under VDA or Odettes standards.

The connection to our web portal ensures the continuous transparency of your stocks and product tracking.

We attach great importance to regularly carried out inventories and thus guarantee that the system stocks correspond to the actual stock.

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